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Quality Time® Mouse Palm Rest and Support: A Superior Alternative to Wrist Rest Mouse Pads

Mouse Palm with Patented.jpg

This product is not available for sale

New Thin and Soft

Gliding Palm Support/Rest

The Quality Time Palm Rest has an innovative ergonomic design that addresses the new research that concluded that the palm of the hand (not the wrist) needs support when using a mouse and computer keyboard. The Palm Rest bottom surface is low friction so it slides smoothly while your palm is following the mouse. Its thin and soft cushion comes with a special sticky strip to connect it to the mouse. 

The user can move the mouse short distances without moving the palm that is rested on the Palm Rest because the attachment strip is flexible. For longer mouse movements, our Palm Rest moves synchronously with the mouse, and the mouse pulls or pushes the cushion. The flex strip always keeps the Palm Rest and mouse together in the right location. The Palm Rest works on smooth surfaces or you may simply use regular printing paper as the mat when using the Palm Rest. This product is not recommended for very quick mouse movements like in gaming. Mouse is not included.

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